Shri Gurudatta Pratishthan Nanded's



Few years ago I helped plant a tree at NRDC. Now, I see a tree which is huge and definitely thriving. Its permanence gives me - a small gift that grew to a beautiful tree, that, which others now enjoy. The Founder batch who have passed through these portals, in the years gone by, have made great achievements; and many of them express thanks to the management and teachers who motivated them. "NRDC” does not believe in imparting 'knowledge' merely as 'information' but insists on giving.

"With a fine blending of value-based education, and impetus on sound character building so as to become men and women of motivation for others in a changing society, NRDC has made unique mark among other educational institutions in this region. Much has been done in the last few years and still more needs to be done in the years to come.

I am sure that the staff with their positive energy and dedication to excellence in education will amply support this institution's contribution in the field of oral health education and service to the needy. I am so delighted that you are part of our amazing learning community and I always look forward to working with you.

It remains an honor and privilege to serve as your principal.

Together, I know we will make your time at NRDC & RC one of growth and achievement by taking advantage of the many opportunities available to you.

May Almighty God be our Inspiration and Strength.